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Docks and Lifts

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ShoreMaster provides docks and boat lifts for any any all waterfront environments, their lineup of waterfront equipment is built to withstand the waves, wind and continual use you'll put it through. 

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Vertical Boat Lifts - ShoreMaster Vertical Boat Lifts provide superior stability and performance making it the industry's most trusted boat lift. With minimal maintenance, the exclusive Whisper Winch, multiple motor options and a double v-side design our Vertical Lifts are easy to own and get you back on the water faster. 

Hydraulic Boat Lifts - ShoreMaster's pure hydraulic designs provides ultimate convenience and enviable speed, while their welded construction is guaranteed to full capacity. Premium components and time-tested designs give owners complete peace of mind that their watercraft is protected from the elements. Plus, remote control operation is standard with all ShoreMaster Hydraulic Lifts for easy, convenient, hassle-free lift operation. 

Pontoon Lifts - ShoreMaster’s Pontoon Lift has been designed to perfectly fit today’s larger, more powerful, and more refined pontoon boats. Their precision welded aluminum boat lifts are over-engineered for maximum stability, over-built for superior durability, and over-tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance. Available in three capacity options, the ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift features additional length and width to accommodate the increasing size of today’s pontoons. 

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Lifts - Simple, reliable performance is what you can expect from a ShoreMaster PWC Lift. Available in two styles - Cantilever and Vertical - with accessories to accommodate all of today's Personal Watercraft models ShoreMaster PWC Lifts give you peace-of-mind with secure storage. Utilize our LifeMate motor or Winch Extension kit for easier use to get back on the water faster. Plus, an all aluminum, precision-welded construction provides the industry's fastest and easiest installation. 

ShorePort - Quick, Convenient, Drive-On PWC Storage

ShorePort drive-on personal watercraft storage platforms are built to get you on and off of the water faster. ShorePort is the quickest and most convenient way to dry-dock your jet ski after a long day on the water. Three polyethylene rollers allow you to easily drive onto the ShorePort with a gentle flick of the throttle, and when you’re ready to ride again, simply push off to launch.


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Infinity RS4 - The Infinity RS4 rail side dock system offers owners the highest standard of quality and aesthetics along with ultimate configurability and easy ownership. Offering exclusive curve dock systems, 9 premium decking options and ShoreMaster InfinityTrack accessories, the Infinity RS4 allows for infinite customization. Plus, the QC Dock Assembly System and lightweight aluminum rail side provide easy installation.

Infinity RS7 - The Infinity RS7, with its 6-3/4” rail side, is the industry’s strongest and most stable dock and the ideal choice for waterfront owners dealing with rough water. Available as a sectional or wheel-in system the Infinity RS7 utilizes ShoreMaster’s QC Dock Assembly System for easy installation, configurability and ownership. As with all Infinity Dock Systems the RS7 offers InfinityTrack Accessories and 9 premium decking options.

Infinity TS9 - The Infinity TS9 is designed and built with superior strength, longevity and portability in mind. Available as a sectional or wheel-in system, the Infinity TS9’s dime-welded construction is built to withstand seasonal installation and removal better than other truss system in the market. The Infinity TS9 also boasts superior aesthetic appeal with it’s classic 9” truss side design, InfinityTrack accessories and 9 decking options.

Floating FTS9 - With ShoreMaster’s Floating FTS9, you’ll never worry about adjusting your dock system to accommodate fluctuating water depth. Utilizing premium floatation and a 9” welded truss frame, the FTS9 offers incredible stability, superior aesthetics and minimal maintenance. Plus, with ShoreMaster InfinityTrack accessories and 9 premium decking options the FTS9 offers owners industry-leading customization.


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Find the ShoreMaster System that is right for you. Contact a WPM Sales Representative today! 

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